2018 Dream Program

You are Champs

DATES December 10~22 VENUES Alpensia Resort, Gangnueng Ice Rink



Gangwon province is mainly divided into the Yeongdong (east of mountain range) and Yeongseo (west of Mountain range) with the Taebaek Mountain ranges that are developed along the east side of Korean peninsula.
Most of the land in Gangwon province consists of mountainous areas. Gangwon province is largely divided into Yeongdong on the east side of the Taebaek Mountains, the backbone of Korean Peninsula, and Yeongseo on the west side of that ridgeline.
Since the weather in Gangwon province belongs to a monsoon climate zone, it is cold and largely dry during the winter times as influenced by the continental climate, while it is hot and humid with lots of rain during the summer as influenced by the oceanic climate. During the dry and clear weather of the spring and fall seasons, many forest fires, small or large, occur in the mountainous areas covered with thick forests. The provincial and National Park authorities have been making extreme efforts to prevent the fires, with some success. In the highlands of mountainous regions, the temperatures continue to be relatively low, resulting in pleasant cool temperatures during the summertime. However in the winter the severe cold and high quantity of snow are characteristic, and therefore these areas are suitable for various winter sports including skiing. In particular, during winter period, many international competitions were held in the various places in the province scattered over Pyeongchang County(including the famous Alpensia resort, Yongpyeong resort, Bogwang Phoenix park), Gangneung and Chuncheon cities.

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